Health and Safety

At NOCMA, we value the lives of our employees, business partners and the communities around our facilities. We recognize the impact of our activities on people and the environment. Therefore, safety, health and protection of the environment and property form an integral part of our business planning and decision making.

Our Goal

With regard to this aspect of our operations, our goal is to conduct our business in a manner that poses zero harm to people, property and the environment.

Strategic Fuel Reserves Health, Safety and Environment regulations

At NOCMA, we are committed to adhering to policies aimed at helping us ensure that our business poses zero harm to people and the environment. The policies are presented here (download HSSE policies)

Emergency preparedness, response and training

As our business is carries with it a range of risks, we recognise the magnitude of damage and injury that may arise from an emergency at any of our sites. We, therefore, have in place extensive measures to ensure that we prevent, manage and control any life threatening occurrences. As part of our emergency preparedness and response measures, we have in place the following:

    1. The provision of state of the art firefighting equipment at all our depots. These include diesel powered and electric fire engines, four million litre capacity water tanks, fire monitors, hydrants and portable fire extinguishers.
    2. Our technical team manages our equipment and ensures that it is up and running at the shortest notice.
    3. We provide extensive training to our depot staff, equipping them with fire response and management skills.
    4. We have also built a good relationship with emergency service providers i.e. fire brigades, hospitals, the police and others. This working relationship helps these service providers to respond to our calls as quickly as possible when need arises. We periodically conduct emergency simulations to acquaint everyone with the system and site emergency requirements and ensure that everyone is ready all the time.

Community Engagement and Awareness

At NOCMA, we believe that communities around our facilities are a critical component in the pursuit of our health, safety, security and environmental management goals. For this reason, we continuously engage the communities around our sites so that, together, we find ways of ensuring the safety of all. We regularly conduct community awareness campaigns through scheduled meetings. During these meetings, communities voice share their safety concerns with us and propose solutions. We also share with the communities actions that we are undertaking to promote safety and respond to their concerns and proposed solutions.

Besides, we encourage communities to engage us, through their representatives, anytime on matters of health, safety and security.

Environmental Care


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