Vision, Mission & Values

As a government-owned company, we are mandated to manage the country’s strategic fuel reserve facilities, promote competition in the oil and gas industry and to promote oil and gas exploration activities in order to ensure stability and security of supply of liquid fuel and gas products.

We pursue this mandate in the following ways:

Managing strategic fuel reserve facilities: NOCMA is charged with the responsibility of managing a storage facility with a 60 million litres capacity in accordance with a Government of Malawi-approved Strategic Fuel Reserve Management Plan as one way of ensuring that there is no disruption in supplies of liquid fuel to the economy. Experience has shown that commercial oil companies have neither the incentive nor the desire to hold large stocks of fuel because they tie down capital.

Promote Competition in the industry: NOCMA is charged with the duty to provide, at a fee, hospitality to new entrants as one way of promoting competition in the oil industry. The Malawi Government realised that in order to increase efficiency and access to fuel supplies throughout the economy, there is need to increase competition hence breaking the tendency of some key oil industry players to stifle new entrants.

Promote upstream oil and gas activities: NOCMA is getting involved with upstream activities within the country in order to ensure equitable access to those resource.

Our vision is to have an oil and gas secure Malawi.

As we execute our daily duties, our mission is to promote upstream oil and gas activities and ensure a competitive, secure and sustainable supply of liquid fuel and gas products to support the country’s socio-economic development.

Core Values

In our work, we endeavor to embrace and demonstrate the following core values or guiding principles to shape our conduct:

  • Safety, Health and Environmental care
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Customer focus
  • Innovativeness

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