Strategic Fuel Reserves to Save Malawi – Bright Msaka

30 Mar   Written by Telephorous Chigwenembe   News Hits: 11205

Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Bright Msaka says that the strategic fuel reserves that the Malawi Government are a significant demonstration of efforts to mitigate against potential fuel shortages in the country.

Speaking when he toured Lilongwe Depot at Kanengo recently, the Minister observed that the country had not had any significant fuel reserves since, and the facilities would help save the situation.

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Let’s Work Together – NOCMA’S New CEO Tells Staff

30 Mar   Written by Telephorous Chigwenembe   News Hits: 1842

NOCMA’s new Chief Executive Officer Gift Dulla has called on staff to ensure they remain united to propel the company to new heights.

Dulla spoke recently when he addressed staff at a ceremony organized to welcome him as well as to bid farewell to the company’s former CEO Robert Mdeza.

Before joining NOCMA, Dulla worked as CEO for the Lilongwe Handling Company (LIHACO) where Mdeza has headed to head the government owned company.

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Strategic Fuel Reserves and Fuel Supplies Management

30 Mar   Written by Telephorous Chigwenembe   News Hits: 1480

The imminent official opening of Malawi’s strategic fuel reserves should excite everyone in the country, if mid-2016 events in Mozambique and how they affected fuel supply is anything to go by.

Mid 2016, tankers carrying fuel destined to Malawi were attacked by militias in Mozambique. The fuel was being transported from the port of Beira. In the attacks, Malawi lost over 100 thousand litres of liquid fuel worth over 70 million Malawi kwacha. Despite the loss, Malawi found herself in a situation where she still had to remit forex to the supplier.

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